Mischief Committee records every session on a 2-track mp3. These sessions are all available on the web for download, however they probably aren't of much general interest as they contain a lot of practice and discussion.

However, we have clipped some of the best moments from these mp3s and placed them here so you can get a sense of what Mischief Committee sounds like:

(dialup versions are 32 kilobits, will usually stream to a dialup account)

Depleted Uranium:  
(rough album mix)

Depleted Uranium:   

Rolled Gold:        

Lost Angeles:       


Black Russian:      

Transit Authority:  


New Order:          

Machine Zero:       

We have Dicks:      

Note that Lost Angeles and Rolled Gold will both be available (in a somewhat more produced form) on a Brass Rat Records release sometime this year!

Mischief Committee Radio

Shows are Wednesdays and Sundays at 8:00PM Pacific Time

These tracks are freely distributable, and any radio station (internet or terrestrial) is free to include them in their playlist as long as they are not attributed to any other band. They may not be sold or included on media that costs money to purchase without express permission from Mischief Committee.